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EvoWorld Biomass Boilers
Evoworld Wood boilers
Made in America wood chip boilers and wood pellet boilers with fully automated wood chip and wood pellet feeding systems.  Evoworld boilers can be sized for residential applications up to large commercial facilities and schools. Evoworld wood chip boilers and wood pellet boilers are built to ASME specifications. 
The image above shows a 35-50 kW wood pellet boiler with a trough style auger feed system for wood pellets.  This design allows fuel storage to be integrated into existing building space.
The image above shows a 35-50 kW wood Chip boiler with a robust auger feed and wood chip agitator.  This design allows the user to burn wood chips in small or large applications 
Evoworld design features:
  • O2 Sensor
  • Triple pass heat exchanger (except 25kW)
  • ASME certified pressure vessel
  • Thermal storage tank
  • Web enabled controls for remote access
  • Mixing valve for low temperature protection 
Optional Features:
  • Control modula for cascading boilers
  • Outdoor reset for improved performance

Blue Flame Stoker boilers offer solutions for large biomass systems with completely automated operation for large scale biomass heating systems or process heating plants.  With wood chip boiler outputs starting at 400kW (1,360,000 BTU/hr) up to 4,500kW (15,500,000 BTU/hr).  All with Hot Water, low pressure steam (30 psig) and high pressure steam (150 psig) options.